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September Recap

September 30th, 2023 at 06:38 pm
Housing 769
Gifts/Charity 577
Utilities 212
Medical/Health 190
Groceries 100
Personal 96
Entertainment 67
Phone 38
Vet/Pet Supplies 36
Eating Out/Takeout 35
Clothing 33
Gas 29
Household Supplies 24
Laundry 18
Car 5
Fares/Parking 2

Grand Total                 2231

Variables                       99%

The big number this month is gifts -- because of two grandsons' birthdays, and my donations to their college funds.

Medical was a bit high, too, though it was mostly co-pays. More to come.

But all in all, I kept it in line. Should be able to transfer $600 to savings.

I was expecting to see my annual payment for condo insurance withdrawn this month. It hasn't happened yet, so it will probably appear on Monday.

Groceries and Cosmetics

September 27th, 2023 at 06:27 pm

Yesterday I finished up the month's grocery shopping and hit $100 (for the month) on the nose -- with one caveat. I accidentally double-scanned an item so I had to go back and get reimbursed. Luckily, it was no problem.

Today I bought some facial serum, and it was $28 after cashing in a $5 reward from Walgreens. I've spent $100 on cosmetic items this month, as well as groceries. But I only bought three things -- the serum, a twin-pack of retinol night cream, and eyebrow gel. What price beauty? As much as sustenance, apparently. Well, these products will last a while.

Grandson's Birthday

September 24th, 2023 at 04:14 am

Tomorrow is my grandson's birthday. Today I withdrew $250 -- $200 for his college fund and $50 for his gift. I also bought a couple of cards for $10. One is for him, the other is for my son, whose birthday is in February. It just happened to be the perfect card for him, so I bought it.

I did a little juggling and correcting, and my variables are now at 85%.

We will have a little party tomorrow.

On Tuesday, I'll do my last grocery shopping trip of the month.

I've had a hankering for a Reuben sandwich, but when I shopped last week I did not want to buy a corned beef brisket -- way too big. I was at Aldi, so deli options were limited. So I bought canned corned beef, thinking, how bad can it be? It was pretty bad. I will have to think of other ways to use it up. Corned beef hash, for sure, and I can also make a sandwich spread with mayo and relish, like tuna salad.

It's very salty. I doubt I will buy it again.

Ten Days?

September 21st, 2023 at 10:09 pm

Wow, has it really been ten days since I posted? That doesn't seem right, but it seems it's true.

I spent $24 for groceries this week, and $5 on household supplies (bleach). I paid $115 in medical fees, and there are more charges in the percolator. It's been a time of many medical appointments. Nothing scary, though. Just getting things checked out, and getting a thumbs-up.

I spent $33 on clothes from Goodwill. I am losing weight (yay!) and needed a few items that would fit better. On the same day I treated myself to lunch at Panera for $14. 

A few days ago I ordered a phone grip for my sister on Amazon and had it delivered to her - $10.

I think that's mainly it -- variables are at 90%, mainly driven by that medical spending.

This evening I'm going to another suburb to get my RSV shot. It wasn't available at my Walgreens. I assume it will not cost me anything, but we will see. I made an appointment for the new COVID booster for a week from today. That will be close to home.


September 12th, 2023 at 04:04 am

I went to a garage sale yesterday and found a gift for BFF -- a lusterware cream and sugar set. She likes lusterware -- I hope she feels she can add more to her collection. It was $6. Her birthday is coming up in November.

I sent $250 to my Oregon son -- the $200 for my grandson's college fund, and $50 for a birthday gift.

I intended to grocery shop today, but I was too tired after a lousy night's sleep. So far I'm not doing any better tonight! I did manage to do some laundry - $2.

I got a notice that I owe $75 for medical bills -- haven't paid it yet, though -- I'll do that when I get my SS payment next Wednesday. The $75 is my share for an x-ray and doctor visit for my arthritic knee, and for the Mohs surgery on my face. I thought that was pretty good insurance coverage!

Right now my variables are at 55%, which doesn't count the $200 college money. That's a big ticket item, different bucket.


September 7th, 2023 at 06:22 pm

I have already spent 39% of my variables, which is basically my monthly spending allowance. And it doesn't really seem I have bought much.

Yesterday I got the car washed for $5, spent $2 on laundry, and ordered a fascia blaster from Amazon for $13.  The day before, I spent $5 at Cold Stone Creamery (had a $5 gift card, but the smallest container of sorbet I could buy was $10.) I also spent $1 on parking that day.  And the day before that it was time to buy aquarium filters. I bought two boxes, because the second was half-price. I've gotta lotta filters! That was $36.

About the fascia blaster. I have figured out that a lot of my pain is from tight fascia -- basically all over. I hope this will help. It's a hand-held roller with bumps on it. I've tried the foam roller bit, so don't recommend that! I am not agile enough to get down on the floor and roll myself around! LOL. I've been here a long time; I'm an old lady now!

The weather has cooled off and it looks like it will stay cool in the 10-day forecast. I might take down my air conditioners. One of them -- the one I had so much trouble installing because the wings fell off, is sitting at a drunken level now and I'm a little bit afraid it might fall out the window. I might just have to get a new one next year -- one that fits the space better. This one is actually a little too small for the room In terms of BTU.

September Spending

September 3rd, 2023 at 09:25 pm

I began the month with some spending on skincare. I bought scar cream, to tackle the surgical scar on my face that is threatening to become keloid, and I bought two jars of retinol night cream. I also bought some brow gel, in what I hope is my last attempt to find a solution for my graying eyebrows. Maybelline XPress Brow, in their lightest brown. It's better than anything I have tried before. That's $104 altogether, jeesh. I've also done a couple of loads of laundry and bought a cheap lunch at Sam's. And I sent in $36 to join the family football pool, an annual event.

After some very nice days, the heat is back. I haven't turned on the AC, however. The lower humidity makes it bearable.