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September 12th, 2023 at 04:04 am

I went to a garage sale yesterday and found a gift for BFF -- a lusterware cream and sugar set. She likes lusterware -- I hope she feels she can add more to her collection. It was $6. Her birthday is coming up in November.

I sent $250 to my Oregon son -- the $200 for my grandson's college fund, and $50 for a birthday gift.

I intended to grocery shop today, but I was too tired after a lousy night's sleep. So far I'm not doing any better tonight! I did manage to do some laundry - $2.

I got a notice that I owe $75 for medical bills -- haven't paid it yet, though -- I'll do that when I get my SS payment next Wednesday. The $75 is my share for an x-ray and doctor visit for my arthritic knee, and for the Mohs surgery on my face. I thought that was pretty good insurance coverage!

Right now my variables are at 55%, which doesn't count the $200 college money. That's a big ticket item, different bucket.

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    Variables are about right since we are near the middle of the month. I dread going to the grocery seems like each week it is a little higher for the same stuff.

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