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Plugging Along

May 27th, 2024 at 07:42 pm

My car has been repaired and the auto shop delivered it to my home. That was really nice; it meant that my son didn't have to arrange with someone else to pick it up. The cost to me was my $500 deductible. The car looks great. Too bad I can't drive it!

My 7-day transit pass ran out, and I figured out how to register my card and add funds to it. I decided to add $40. Since then I've taken several trips -- twice to the grocery store (where I spent $66), one to the library, and one to the farmer's market ($10 for house plants).

I set up the transit pass to automatically replenish when the balance gets below $10.

I took an early morning walk yesterday and stopped at Walgreens to get some popcorn, almonds and a bottle of aspirin - $11.

I've also spent $35 on skin care products -- facial serum from Amazon, and Noxzema from Walgreens.

Still no medical bills.

Variables are at 84%. I'm going to try to do no more spending for the month.

Using Public Transportation

May 18th, 2024 at 08:35 pm

Yesterday and today I got out my Ventra card and tried out public transportation. Yesterday I took the train to the library, where I checked out a couple of books, and checked up on a book that I have returned, but that seems to have disappeared. It's still checked out to me. I spoke to one of the librarians, and they said they are looking for it -- will do three sweeps before they consider it lost. I know I don't have it. The only thing I can figure that MIGHT have happened on my end is that it fell out of the car. That doesn't seem very likely. I have looked thoroughly at home and in my car. If they don't find it, the cost to me will be $20, which is better than I was expecting.

Today I took the train downtown to the farmer's market. I had never been before, and I had trouble finding it. Google maps directed me to a parking garage. Well, the market was situated behind the parking garage, but you weren't allowed to walk through it. I finally found someone who was heading there, and he directed me around the block -- a long block. Once there, I bought a bunch of asparagus and a bunch of rhubarb for a total of $10. I also stopped at a coffeeshop for coffee and a croissant, which was $9.

It is a bit warm today and I got pretty overheated walking around. If I'd known where I was going, I wouldn't have gotten quite so hot!

Tomorrow my planned adventure is a bus ride to the grocery store.

Neurology Appointment

May 16th, 2024 at 03:35 pm

The appointment with the neurologist went well. I passed all the tests. I am neurologically fit. The doctor wondered why I had even been sent there.

When I checked in, the receptionist asked for an ID, since my license was marked as "expired." I was glad I had my passport card with me. It was perfectly acceptable.

I paid a $45 copay and spent $6 in the facility's coffee shop.

Yesterday I took flowers and candy to DIL, who is recovering from surgery - $27.

Hanging in There

May 13th, 2024 at 07:50 pm

This morning I mailed my license back to the SOS. It's already cancelled, but I guess they like to have the actual license in hand. I walked to the post office, since I didn't want to put even a defunct license into a mailbox -- but the post office was closed. I think it was due to construction in the area, but there was no sign on the door, and their website said it was open. Frustrating. I ended up walking to mailbox anyway. Since it was due for pickup in a few hours, I thought it would be okay.

Since it was a bit of a walk, I rested at a coffeeshop, spending $4.

I did discover that there is a new little grocery store within walking distance. I didn't take the time to check out what they carry, but I will. It will probably be expensive, but may be good in a pinch.

I had a really nice Mother's Day yesterday -- my son prepared a wonderful meal, and we played games afterwards. I got a beautiful bouquet to put on my dining room table, and my grandson chauffeured! All in all, a really good day.

I still haven't received any medical bills, not that I want to! The hospital I was taken to is one in the Ascension Group which was recently under cyber attack. I don't know how that will impact me. I hope not much.

I bought a 7-day pass which I can use on the El, the bus, and the Metra (a suburban line). I actually did not want a pass with a time limit, but the woman helping me to purchase it didn't seem to understand that I wanted an open-ended pass. So I settled. My son tells me if I get onto the Ventra app I can add money to my card as I need it. So far I haven't needed it at all -- I just wanted to have it if I did! The seven days won't start ticking off until I use it the first time.

So far this month I've spent 38% of my variables allowance. Not too different than most months, although the distribution is different.

I have an appointment with a neurlogist on Wednesday. Hoping that it won't lead to another. I'm scheduled to see my PCP on June 4, when I think we can start the process of getting medical clearance to get my license back. I hope.

April Recap

May 5th, 2024 at 04:06 pm
Housing 784
Fees & Services 254
Utilities 213
Groceries 162
Medical/Health 93
Home Repair/Maint. 65
Personal 62
Phone 49
Eating Out/Takeout 39
Household Supplies 39
Fares/Parking 34
Gas 32
Entertainment 31
Gifts/Charity 18
Laundry 18
Vet/Pet Supplies 13
Car 6

Grand Total                 1912

Nothing much to comment on. It was the calm before the storm. Higher grocery and medical than usual, because some of the fallout from my accident had trickled in. The fares listed were Uber rides to medical appointments.

I am trying to be very careful with my spending now, but it's hard when I can't drive. I order on Amazon or grab something when I get a ride from someone. I'm pretty well stocked on groceries now, but I know an Instacart order is in the future.

I haven't received any medical bills or EOB's yet. I don't know how bad it will be yet.

My car has been assessed by the claims adjustor, but the collision shop has not yet emailed the estimate. (My son took the car in.)

The Secretary of State sent me a letter telling me that my license has been revoked. Standard procedure, apparently, for anyone who faints while driving. Well, it makes sense. I have to pass a number of medical tests, have my doctor sign off on them, and then reapply for my license.

My brain wave test showed something that requires followup from a neurologist. I read the results, and it seems to be an abundance of caution thing, but we'll see. The neurologist is in Chicago, and the appointment is ten days from now. I will probably Uber there, since my son and DIL will be working, and my ex will be traveling.

Doing all kinds of new stuff, like borrowing ebooks, and trying to do strength training at home. I walk in the neighborhood, but only if I'm not feeling dizzy. I don't know if I'm really dizzy or if I just have a fear of dizziness now.

Mostly I feel good, though. I just have to work through all of this.

Thank you for all your nice comments!