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Month-end Shopping

August 28th, 2021 at 11:46 pm

Braved the heat today with a trip to the gym and Sam's.  It was awful!  But I got some all-important toilet paper, as well as probiotics and sparkling water.  Total spending was $39.  I really shouldn't spend any more till the month ends.

My son's family is having work done on their bathroom, so I'm seeing them pretty often, as they dash over to use mine.  It's nice to see them so often!

Tomorrow I'm having breakfast with them and my ex and his wife.  He offered to take us all out to a pancake house, but everyone opted instead for bagels in his kitchen.  No one really feels like eating out while the Delta variant is having its way.

Oil Change, Walgreens, and Hot, Hot, Hot!

August 25th, 2021 at 05:50 pm

I went for an oil change this morning.  I needed a new cabin filter as well, so the total was $81.  Afterwards, I went to the gym, and then to Walgreens, where I bought some nuts and dried fruit, and picked up an 8 x 10 print of GS2 on his first day of middle school.  Total was $12.

It was very hot yesterday, and it will be very hot today.  I'm staying inside with the air on -- no cooking planned.  They say this heat wave won't break till Sunday or Monday.

Gym & Sam's

August 23rd, 2021 at 02:55 pm

I went to the gym yesterday and then to its next-door neighbor, Sam's Club.  I only wanted two items -- Member's Mark detergent pods, and lactase (dairy aid).  They had neither!  I ended up buying Gain pods, and a package of raspberries, since I was there.  Total was $35.  Then I came home and ordered a dairy aid from Amazon.  I had credits, so the cost was a very reasonable $10 for two bottles (240 caplets).

I still don't know what my income from the RMD's will be, so tracking my variables spending is going to be on hold for a while.

Hoping We Dodged a Bullet

August 21st, 2021 at 04:15 pm

I met my friend for lunch in our usual city, but different restaurant.  "Our" place was closed.  We had to go to one that did not have outdoor dining -- it was really too hot for outdoor dining, anyway.  We wore masks until we were served, but of course, had to take them off to eat.  I'm a little concerned because we were in Indiana, which I think is going to become the next Florida.  Republican governor, soaring positivity rate, low compliance to recommendations, vaccines thrown out because people won't get vaccinated, school boards and parents at war because of masks -- no thank you.  I probably took a risk being there and being unmasked, however briefly, but I am hoping we dodged a bullet.  Anyway, the lunch was $19, and afterwards I bought a sundae at Culver's for $5.  In between, we went to the fairgrounds and sat at a covered picnic table and talked.  Great conversation.  I feel like I got a fill-up of happiness!

Speaking of a fill-up, I also got gas for $19.  I was only half a tank down, but gas is so much cheaper in Indiana; I always try to take advantage of being there.

I also picked up a box of the new food that Iggy likes -- it was $17.

Today I'm just hanging out.  The air is on, but I may be able to turn it off tomorrow.  Coolness awaits.

Haircut! And other stuff.

August 18th, 2021 at 05:51 pm

Yesterday I got my hair cut -- first time since June 3.  I had my hairdresser take off two inches and it feels so much better.  It was quite expensive.  The shop's price for a woman's haircut is $73, and I only had a $20 bill for a tip, so I gave him that.  Yikes, almost $100 for a haircut!  At least with this style I don't have to get it trimmed too often.

My hair looked amazing until two hours later when the humidity spoiled it.  Oh well.  I should have better luck with my hair when fall weather begins.

Today is payday.  I paid my mortgage and credit cards (in full).

On Friday I'm going to meet my BFF for lunch.  Can't wait!  It's been a while, because the Delta variant has both of us spooked.  But we will eat outside and take masks for any indoor activity.  We're both vaccinated, but both cautious.

Another friend, who is living in a retirement home, has been returned to a lockdown situation because of an outbreak.  Sigh.  So tired of this.

Busy Day

August 16th, 2021 at 09:16 pm

Today was a busy day.  I went to the gym, then went to DSW to use my $5 birthday coupon.  I couldn't find anything for myself, but with an extra $2 I bought a pair of Smartwool socks for my son, which I'll probably give him for Christmas.  Then I had lunch at Panera - $11.  From there, I went to Kohl's and used another $5 birthday coupon to buy myself a watch.  The watch was rather inexpensive, but I like it.  With the coupon it was only $15.  Next stop was the senior center, to pay my wheel tax (residential street parking fee).  There were five people already in line, and the line was not moving, so I left.  I have until September 30 to do this.  Next stop was my eye doctor's office.  I had received a birthday coupon for a free pair of sunglasses.  I thought they would be really cheap, but they ordered me a pair costing $35 -- it was a good deal!  They will come in the mail.  Then I went over to Walgreens to pick up an 8 x 10 print of GS1's first-day-of-high-school photo.  It was only .40, because I had $4 in credit at Walgreens!  So all in all, it was a pretty successful spending day.  

Before I left the house, I called TIAA, who holds my retirement funds, and arranged to have taxes withheld from my RMDs.  Many thanks to Dido, who gave me excellent advice!

Until I get my disbursements, I don't know exactly what my new income is, so I have yet to adjust the variables spreadsheet.

I had a brief scare, thinking I had lost my phone.  It had only fallen down beside the seat in the car, which I discovered when I got a chirping notification.  I had never set a lock screen before, fearing that I would lock myself out, but today I changed that.  It's just too risky not to do it.

This and That

August 14th, 2021 at 12:00 am

I did a bit of shopping yesterday and today -- bought blueberries and probiotics at Sam's ($16), lunch at McDonald's ($4), and groceries at Aldi ($39).

I called TIAA yesterday and set up my RMD.  Because I have two funds, from two different employments, I'll get two monthly payments.  It's a little more than I expected.  I'll have to be careful with my new wealth, haha.

My street has finally been finished.  Today I am parked right out front and it feels so good to park without hassle again.  And the weather has cooled off, so all things are looking up!

Storms & Lost Power

August 11th, 2021 at 09:19 pm

Last night storms rolled through, and they were rougher than I thought they would be.  I lost power at about 11 pm and it didn't resume until 11 am this morning.  Yep, 12 hours without power.  At least I can be assured that the freezer food is okay.  As far as the fridge food goes, I will have to throw away chicken, eggs, soft cheese, almond milk, and leftover Welsh Rabbit.

I ate breakfast and lunch out because I did not want to open the fridge -- I spent $5 on breakfast and $9 on lunch.  I also bought gas for $32.  Variables are at 39%.

While I was waiting, I went to the library to restock on books, and I dropped a chair off at the refinishers so he knows what shade of stain to use on my table.

This evening I'm going to my son's house for pizza and board games, because it's my BIRTHDAY!  But the best present I'll get is getting the power restored.  When it's out, you really understand how much you rely on it .  Since it's a 90+ degree day, I'm especially glad to have the AC running again!

Great Weekend!

August 9th, 2021 at 07:12 pm

I got back from my weekend with my brother last night, exhausted because the traffic was so bad.  Google Maps sent me on a number of detours to avoid stoppages -- I don't know if it really paid off, but it was interesting!

I spent $29 on gas and $41 on eating out.  I did get to see my old teacher/friend and we had a nice lunch together, despite his having forgotten his hearing aids, so sometimes it seemed we were on separate conversations.  It didn't help that we ate outdoors, lakeside, so there was a lot of noise from boats passing by.

My brother fed us fabulously as usual, and my grandsons had a great time in the pool and tubing behind the boat.  My brother did voice some thoughts about selling and downsizing, so our luxurious vacations may be coming to an end!  But I don't blame him -- there is a lot of maintenance involved in his home, and he is ready to rest a little.  His own family doesn't really use the pool a lot, and the boat is aging -- I doubt they would replace it, even if they stay at their location.  Too much trouble for too little use.  Like the pool.

I came home to find my street still unfinished, but the "no parking" signs are down and the street is lined with parked cars, so I joined the crowd.  I assume when they are ready to finish, they'll put the signs back up again, and I'll start looking for parking spaces elsewhere again.

I heard from the refinisher.  I can come in and look at the table in its stripped state, and I will bring in a chair so he match the stain.  With any luck I should have a table in a few weeks.  I am supposed to call him tomorrow to set up a time, but I'm going to ask for a Wednesday slot.  My Discover card will close then, and if he wants a payment I'd like to get it on the next cycle.

After the mini-vacation, variables are at 31%.  That's just a little high, but not too bad.  

Now that I am reaching the old age of 72, it's time to set up my RMD.  I'll start the process on my birthday, which is Wednesday.  Hope it's going to be easy.

Getting Ready

August 5th, 2021 at 05:22 am

After I went to the gym today, I stopped in at Sam's to get something to take to my brother's house this weekend.  It will be a full house there, as my son's family is coming, too, so I got some La Croix sparkling water, Bacardi cocktails, pistachios, and pub mix.  Party food!  It cost me $45.  Then I went to Jewel to buy some items I can't get at Aldi, and that cost $32.  Variables are now at 20%, only five days into the month.   Oh well.

I have quite a bit of perishable food in the fridge, so I'll have to deal with that before I leave.  Most of it I can cook and freeze.  I'm not going to be gone that long, but it's all at the point where something needs to be done or it will go bad.

Hot and humid again, so the air is on.  It seems like it is not going to be a frugal month.

Aldi, and a Trip Coming Up

August 2nd, 2021 at 11:15 pm

Made a quick trip to Aldi this morning, spending $32.  My county is a Delta variant hotspot, so masks are required in indoor public spaces.  I was pleased to see that everyone was wearing them in Aldi.

I'm planning to go see my brother in Michigan this weekend.  I feel a little bit creepy about traveling, but I am fully vaccinated, and I won't be stopping on the way, except at a gas station, perhaps.  And once there, I will mostly stay at my brother's, and we will spend a lot of time outside, weather permitting.  I am trying to get in touch with my friend who is a former teacher of mine -- we usually meet for lunch -- so far he has not answered, but I expect I will hear from him soon.  I asked him to suggest venues with outdoor seating.  Never hurts to be super cautious!


August 1st, 2021 at 09:10 pm

Well, it's a fresh new month.  It's always fun to start a new spreadsheet.  Today I entered $4 for groceries (strawberries) and $2 for laundry.  Variables are a whopping 1%.

I talked to my sister today and found out that she has had gall bladder surgery, plus a short stay in the hospital for AFib.  I knew her silence was ominous.

I met my son and grandsons in the park today for a board game on the picnic table.  It was lots of fun, and, oh, I won!

A neighbor told me that the resurfacing work on my street will be done on Friday.  I hope she's right.  It's been a long wait.