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Oh darn!

May 28th, 2010 at 12:47 pm

I looked at the certificate I got for winning the $500 off rent and realized it applies only to August! So I sent in my $500 shortfall in the nick of time, since rent is due on the 1st. (I usually pay on the 15th of the month before, because that's when I get paid.)

I'm still going to try to save $500 this month.

I am writing something I hope will be a novel someday. It's about a divorced woman who is struggling financially and becomes homeless through a series of misfortunes. I've finished Chapter 1. (Though I keep tweaking it). Chapter 2 is not coming easily. I'm trying to force myself to at least write a paragraph every day. My goal is not to publish it, though that would be nice, but just to finish it! I have a bad history of not finishing things and I want to change that.

Anyway, with the long weekend ahead and no real plans, I hope to make some good progress on that.

I got my "new" bras from eBay, and though I don't like the style quite as well as the one I bought at Macy's, they are great. Another thing I will do this weekend is go find Nordstrom's Rack and see what they have there.

I got a free impromptu lunch yesterday -- food left over from an event. I also had the chance to sit down and eat with some colleagues, including two of my bosses -- I usually just eat at my desk, then go walk the circuit around campus. It was fun just to relax and interact casually.

My boss and I have both had pretty major surgeries this year, so we were sharing war stories. What was funny was that neither of us was very well-versed about the details of our procedures and we kept saying things like, "Well, I couldn't do that, or my head would blow up." And laughing. It was good for both of us, I think.

Corralling the girls

May 24th, 2010 at 05:50 pm

In my last entry, I shared that my son had given me a $50 gift certificate at Macy's, and that I was going to use it to shop sales.

Well, I decided that I really needed a new bra -- preferably one that fit -- so I decided to get professionally measured. You know how Oprah said that 85% of all women are wearing the wrong size? Well, I was wearing the wrong size.

The saleswoman, who was so kind and patient with me, recommended that I get a Wacoal because of the quality and the superior fit. I had never heard of it before, and it was soon clear why, as they retail in the $60 range. But, since I had the GC, which made it affordable, I did go ahead and buy the Wacoal bra.

Wow! I've never felt like this. The girls have never felt like this! Immediately I decided I had to have more than one -- but not at that price.

I found a seller on eBay who was selling two in my size for $40, including shipping. They haven't arrived yet, but I've already decided I will keep hand-washing these three bras and wear them as much as possible. And look for more deals in the future.

I do remember that a consignment store I used to frequent back in NC sold lightly-worn bras, as long as they were Wacoals (which meant nothing to me at the time). So I will try to find some resellers around here. And maybe watch for sales on Bare Essentials.

I hate to be developing expensive habits, but his one feels pretty darn good!

Woo Hoo!

May 14th, 2010 at 06:24 pm

When I renewed my apartment lease, I was entered into a drawing to win $500. And I won! It is not cash, it's a $500 credit on next month's rent -- just as good!

I've decided to turn it into a challenge for myself. I will try to match it and make a $1000 deposit into savings next month. That won't be easy, but it's not impossible.

For Mother's Day, I got a $50 Macy's gift card from one of my sons. So I thought I'd go and get me something this weekend. His intention was for me to get something to wear, since I'm losing weight. You can bet I'll be checking out the clearance racks! I've never been to the Macy's in this area, so it will be a bit of an adventure.

Checking in

May 6th, 2010 at 12:39 pm

I haven't been posting much -- and yes, it is probably related to the fact that I haven't been focused much on saving.

I seem to have undergone a sea change when I entered my sixties. Now I am more interested in enjoying my life, I guess because getting into this decade makes you focus on your mortality. How many good years do I have left? Not even if I live a really, really long time will I have as much time left as I have already spent. So I want to make the most of it.

Ironically, as I get older, I am feeling more beautiful. Not that I AM more beautiful, but I think I am much more accepting of what I am and I am enjoying it. (When I was young, and had a lot more going for me physically, I spoiled it for myself by being self-critical, never satisfied with how I looked. What a waste!)

So I have been spending more on nicer clothes, better haircuts, better skincare. The other day I bought myself a necklace and earring set just to finish off an outfit. It was on sale, only $30, but not too long ago I never would have spent that on myself just for the pleasure of it. And I felt great wearing it!

I am enjoying other people and experiences more, too. Yesterday I treated a friend to lunch at a trendy deli and didn't worry too much about the bill -- which was $22 -- again, not bad, but a little more extravagant that I have been for so long. Instead I focused on what a beautiful day it was, how good the food was, what a pleasure it was to walk in the sunshine and sit outside and chat.

All this is to say that I seem to be entering a period where I am spending more, and I like it. I know that I still must be committed to saving, however. I think when this month ends (my month ends on the 15th, when I get paid) I will still have $300 to put into savings. I would be unhappy if I could not meet that goal. I am also automatically saving $100 into my money market account, so really, I am saving $400 on a pretty modest salary. I will try to make that my bottom line, and anything I save above it is gravy. But I'm not going to pass on the little pleasures any more.