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September 7th, 2023 at 06:22 pm

I have already spent 39% of my variables, which is basically my monthly spending allowance. And it doesn't really seem I have bought much.

Yesterday I got the car washed for $5, spent $2 on laundry, and ordered a fascia blaster from Amazon for $13.  The day before, I spent $5 at Cold Stone Creamery (had a $5 gift card, but the smallest container of sorbet I could buy was $10.) I also spent $1 on parking that day.  And the day before that it was time to buy aquarium filters. I bought two boxes, because the second was half-price. I've gotta lotta filters! That was $36.

About the fascia blaster. I have figured out that a lot of my pain is from tight fascia -- basically all over. I hope this will help. It's a hand-held roller with bumps on it. I've tried the foam roller bit, so don't recommend that! I am not agile enough to get down on the floor and roll myself around! LOL. I've been here a long time; I'm an old lady now!

The weather has cooled off and it looks like it will stay cool in the 10-day forecast. I might take down my air conditioners. One of them -- the one I had so much trouble installing because the wings fell off, is sitting at a drunken level now and I'm a little bit afraid it might fall out the window. I might just have to get a new one next year -- one that fits the space better. This one is actually a little too small for the room In terms of BTU.

2 Responses to “Variables”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    If you are going to replace an AC unit and you have the room, I highly recommend the ones that sit on the floor and you fit the hose to the window with the thing that holds it in place in the window. It fits windows that go in either direction. You don't have to worry about them falling out the window and they are easy to drain if that becomes necessary. I usually only have to do that once per season because we bought good machines. They make them in BTU levels for any size room now pretty much. We have one that does a large living room as well as ones in all the bedrooms. We still have the other style in the kitchen because the window opens differently, we had one of that style from our old house, and there is no place to set a floor unit.

    We used to have one of those bumpy rollers, but it disappeared in the move. It was great. I should buy another one. I don't know why we haven't. Thanks for the reminder. I hope it helps you.

  2. CB in the City Says:

    I have very limited floor space -- my condo is so small -- so I don't know if one of those floor units would work out. It's something to consider, though. I am also interested in the U-shaped unit, where the window is actually inserted into the unit. That seems like it would be very stable. At any rate, I'm not going to worry about it until next summer.

    I do believe the fascia blaster is helping!

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