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Just ruminating...

August 28th, 2006 at 02:18 am

Tonight I feel like I'm losing the frugal fight. My traveling & vacationing in the past few weeks has knocked me for a loop budget-wise. I did try to prepare ... I also tried to make wise choices while on vacation ... but I have really knocked my budget out of whack.

One problem -- while I was away from home, I was around people who have a lot more money to spend. They started to seem normal to me, while my life seemed abnormal.

Another problem -- while I was away from home, I was also "away" from the nuts and bolts of my money management tools. I couldn't get on the internet for a time, for example. I wasn't paying bills, I wasn't shopping for groceries.

I had time on my hands, and I went shopping. Oh, I had a "reason" but I ended up buying clothes -- great deals I might add, but I probably would not have bought them had I been at home. It just seems like when I get out of my routine I "forget" how strict I have to be.

There were some bloopers, too. I lost my phone charger, and had to buy a new one. I wasted some expensive gas going the wrong way in unfamiliar territory. I neglected to pack jewelry, so I had to buy some to wear to the wedding.

Anyway, I now feel like I've just dug a deeper hole and I can't ever make progress. Why are frugal victories in the pennies range and setbacks in double digits? ARRGGHHH!

1 Responses to “Just ruminating...”

  1. baselle Says:

    You got bucked off the horse, so now its time to get back on again. Its good that you are reflecting on your mistakes - knowing what you know now, can you think of frugal solutions?

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