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More home repair woes

March 11th, 2007 at 03:12 pm

Well, the bathroom tile was laid yesterday but not grouted. It was 11:30 p.m. by the time the tile got in so I sent my handyman home. There were several problems -- the room is not square and the tub is not straight, so the job required a lot of cutting. Then we ran out of tile and had to go get more. Also, my handyman was working with a quick-dry product that ended up making things more difficult for him. I felt so sorry for him that I bought him dinner. ($3.89 at Wendy's)

Also, when he tried to reinstall the toilet, we found that we did not have the right size bolts. (The old ones couldn't be reused). So the toilet is standing, but I can't use it till it is bolted. (That's okay, I have another!) My handyman had to fly to Houston today for a week to do a job there -- a previous commitment -- and I'm leaving on Friday for Kansas City -- so this won't get finished for a while. The good news is, since the job isn't finished, I didn't have to pay him yet!

Other good news -- while I did have to buy more tiles, at the same time I returned extra tiles from the backsplash, and I actually came out $13.40 ahead!

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