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My Thanksgiving trip

November 27th, 2007 at 01:33 pm

My sister and I traveled to Michigan for Thanksgiving -- our usual gathering spot for the holiday. We left on Tuesday and arrived home on the following Sunday. The trip cost me $363. The way breaks down: $230 for hotels, $81 for gas, $47 for eating out, and $5 to "board" my dog (he stayed at my cousin's house and I bought dog food).

We got good prices on hotels using coupons. Each night was $59 plus tax. I paid for three of the nights and split the other with my sister. She paid for the food we brought to our brother's, who was hosting. We split the gas. Found good prices all the way -- mostly under $3. We also spent one free night at a friend's house.

While there, I went to a children's clothing outlet and spent $99 on Christmas gifts for my grandson and great-niece. Got four nice outfits for my grandson in the next size he will grow into, and a fleece sleeper for my grand-niece. I also went to a very posh consignment shop and bought myself two tops and two pairs of pants, plus a sweater for my cousin, all for $34. So I did a bit of splurging.

It was a great time with the family. There were 18 of us for dinner, which included my sister-in-law's parents and niece, and the new girlfriends of my son and my nephew. Plus there were more people in and out during the long weekend. There was lots of card-playing and playing with babies. A good time. A highlight was a trip to my nephew's father-in-law's farm, where a new Shetland pony has been installed.

My next trip is a long weekend in Chicago on December 7-10. I've already bought the airline ticket. I'll stay with my son. Hopefully, this trip will be cheaper!

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