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I WILL improve my health!

February 5th, 2008 at 04:14 pm

Today I got a mammogram and a bone density test -- both at the same place, so that was convenient! I'm really trying to improve my health. I've been exercising, too. No more excuses!

While I was out, I stopped at the filling station and topped off my tank. I only spent $9.84, but gas was a little cheaper than the last time I filled up, and I'm determined to fill up whenever the price drops. Today it was $2.92 per gallon.

I also stopped at Wal-Mart and bought some groceries and household supplies for $36.08.

I'm getting a $100 check from CapitalOne. I had more than 20,000 No Hassle Miles. It's just never worked out to use them on plane tickets. I didn't realize I could get cash instead. I hope it will come in time to put toward my dental appointment.

Frugal activity of the day: I scrounged in the freezer for dinner and found two veggie burgers I didn't know I had! I also took out some soup to thaw. I found a package of mystery meat -- I just couldn't remember what it was, but decided to let it thaw -- it started to smell bad -- then I remembered. Garbage! I sometimes freeze garbage so it won't stink in the can, but sometimes I forget all about it! It went back in the freezer, 'cause garbage day isn't until Monday.

3 Responses to “I WILL improve my health!”

  1. lost in debt Says:

    I'm just turning 50 and I hope to get healthier this year too. I have my mammo and I'm getting a endoscopy to check my esphogaus for damage from acid reflux and I have a crown at the dentist, all this month - just too much fun. I already had the dreaded pap smear and I was suppose to fast for blood work and keep forgetting and drinking coffee in the am - so maybe tomorrow. All these test are important as we age.

  2. Aleta Says:

    It's never too late to improve your health. Congratulations. I'm a big proponent of walking. It is the easiest and less expensive exercise you can do because you're also breathing fresh air. I have personally hurt myself too many times by over exercising and at the gyms on less. Dr. Andrew Weil has a great website on food, fitness, gardening, and tips in general.

    I do the same as you do about the garbage. I freeze anything that I know will be thrown out in the garbage. The only thing that has worked for me is to use the plastic grocery bags to wrap the food in. That way I know that it has to be thrown away and I try leaving it in front so I can see it.

  3. Carolina Bound Says:

    Lost in Debt -- my doctor's office told me it is OK to drink coffee before a fasting blood test -- but nothing else.

    Aleta -- I like to walk when the weather's nice. Otherwise, I just do freestyle aerobics in front of the TV. Thanks for the tip on Weil's website, I'll check it out.

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