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Retirement account -- and a big trip!

November 13th, 2009 at 01:48 pm

Had my session with the TIAA-CREF counselor yesterday. No penalty if I cash out my CREF account after age 60 (though I will pay taxes -- must pay taxes either way). So I decided not to take systematic withdrawals and just let the pot grow there.

Got paid today, so I'm updating my sidebar. Wish I could just wipe out my debt, but I'm getting there.

This will be a lean month, especially since there will be travel. Part of it will be paid by the college -- I'm going to Charleston for a conference. Driving, so I can stop on the way back to see my cousin and pick up my sister for Thanksgiving. (Thanksgiving will be held up in Michigan at my brother's house.)

It's a 900-mile trip, one way. It will take two days. The catch is my grandson's birthday is tomorrow, and I have to be in Charleston at 6 pm on Sunday. I will miss his 5pm party. I am planning, right now, to go up to the kids' house early in the day, help them get ready and leave before the party. But I don't like this tickle in my throat. I might not go the kids' house at all. We'll see how the day plays out.

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