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I just got renter's insurance

November 25th, 2009 at 02:15 pm

My apartment complex has informed me (and everyone else) that renter's insurance is now a requirement. Well, I meant to get it somewhere along the line and then just sort of forgot about it. So I guess I should appreciate this reminder.

I called Allstate, because they insure my car, and set it up. It's not expensive -- less than $90 a year -- and I will certainly be happy to have it if the place burns down. Just didn't need the extra expense right NOW! I had to charge the first payment.

My Discover bill is $317 so far (before the $25 insurance charge). I think the $317 covers all expenses for the SC-NC trip, so I will be reimbursed more than $100 extra next month. If I can keep extra charges under $75 till payday (Dec.15) I should be okay. Of course, included in those charges will be the drive from Chicago to Michigan and back this weekend.

I usually contribute something for Thanksgiving, but this year I will just take whatever is in my cupboard. I have a nice bottle of wine, some cheese & crackers, some fancy hot chocolate packets, and quite a few packages of frozen welsh rarebit which will make a nice breakfast.

Heavy sigh.

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