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Da Bears

August 31st, 2010 at 05:32 pm

So on Saturday my office went to see a Bears game. It was actually a pretty cheap day. Transportation (in a Bears-decorated bus) was provided and so was the tailgating, as well as the tickets. All paid for by one of our generous donors. I can't even fathom why he did this, but we had a good (though LONG) day. Weather cooperated and all was good, except that the Bears lost.

My person expenditures: I bought a Bears cap to shade myself from the sun ($15) and sunscreen for the same purpose ($9). I paid $10 for a shuttle ride from the parking lot to the stadium -- actually it was a tip. My boss and I convinced the driver that we were handicapped -- she has had back surgery and I have some scary looking scars from my ankle surgery. We tipped him well for being so nice.

In other news, my printer/scanner/copier/FAX arrived (I didn't know it had a fax component -- I don't even have a phone line!) I haven't been able to make it work yet, even after spending an hour on the phone with an Epson rep. I do have hopes, though, that after de-fragging and cleaning up my computer, it will work. It seems that the slow response time of my computer is the snag. It will be quite ironic if I end up getting a new computer -- to make my printer work -- which I got because I didn't want to get a cleaning cartridge for my old one. But as I say, I have hopes that it will work with a little tidying up.

I haven't shopped any more for my MOG dress. I may end up wearing the same one I wore to my other son's wedding. Crass, I know, but I can change the appearance with a different jacket. I actually have a lovely new jacket that might work. It would certainly be the cheapest solution, though I would probably have to get the dress altered since I've lost some weight.

Meanwhile, work is barrelling along. I get more and more assignments -- there is going to be a breaking point somewhere down the line. I've told everyone I can't do everything, but nothing changes. I either have lots of job security -- or I'm in a race to get fired. I don't know which.

2 Responses to “Da Bears”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    I was thinking of the MOG dress the other day.

    Using what you've got already sounds great to my frugal gene...but if you decide to keep shopping, have you thought of looking online at the home shopping websites like QVC and HSN? They'd perhaps have something.

  2. Jerry Says:

    My wife recently found a beautiful dress at a second hand store, and even with cleaning and alterations it leads to a fraction of the cost of something new. The only thing is you need a good resale shop in order to find something, usually. Without the insurance of a decent place, you end up digging through yuckiness to see what is available. Not fun. Good luck, anyway! And the Bears game sounds like fun... =)

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