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15 Items or Less

December 17th, 2010 at 03:38 pm

My fifteen items:

5 lbs. flour Ė on sale for 1.69
Bakery cookies Ė supposed to be free, but I paid 3.99
Bread Ė on sale for 2.00
2 bottles of ginger Ė BOGO Ė 5.39
Wine Ė on sale for 6.99
Cream of chicken soup (26 oz.) Ė on sale for 1.89
Whole fryer Ė 4.96
1 dozen large eggs Ė on sale for 1.99
1 can pumpkin Ė on sale for 1.69
Kitty litter Ė 8.49
3.5 lbs. cat chow Ė 5.79
16 lbs. cat chow Ė 12.49
Gallon milk Ė on sale for 3.09

I must have miscounted in my cart, because there are only 14. Which is a shame Ė I took back juice because I thought it was over the limit. (I did get a small bottle of OJ free at work, as well as a couple of oranges, so Iím okay on that front.)

My asleep-at-the-wheel snafuís: I had a coupon for free bakery cookies, which I laid on the conveyer belt, but now that I look at the receipt, I see that it was not used. I sure wouldnít have bought cookies for 3.99 otherwise. And I bought kitty litter with a peel-off coupon, but I forgot to peel it off and use it. Thatís not so bad, I can use it next time. I donít know what to do about that cookie coupon, though. I canít prove that I had it. I guess I could plead my case to customer service and see what happens.

I guess itís just as well that there were only 14 items, because I have to go back to buy a pie pan. I decided not to buy a pie, but make a pie, for my DILís Christmas dinner. I found a pumpkin pie recipe that uses a crumb crust, but I forgot I no longer have pie pans. I donít make pies very often, and I usually use a frozen crust in a tin foil pan. I donít think I have anything that will serve as a pie pan.

Getting only 15 items is forcing some adjustments. I was going to buy two cans of chicken breast for the chicken & dumplings, but bought a whole chicken instead. That will give me extra meat and broth, and it was only one item! After much deliberation, I decided to buy the two little bottles of ginger since I got the second one free, even though I donít need that much ginger. Maybe Iíll make gingerbread for Christmas. I bought a gallon of milk, even though I donít use it up quickly. I will have to freeze some of it. I bought a bigger bottle of wine, in hopes it will last two weeks! It is cheaper that way, too. Even when it came to buying the chicken soup, I bought the big can. What I donít use in the chicken & dumplings Iíll save for something else Ė freeze it if I have to.

2 Responses to “15 Items or Less”

  1. Jerry Says:

    I think that probably happens a lot - an item's coupon doesn't ring through, but since it doesn't lead to a huge change in the bill there is no asking about it until later. Do you have the insurance that you could go back and get it adjusted, or is it worth your time?

  2. CB in the City Says:

    Update -- I was at the grocery the next day, so I asked, and they happily refunded me the money. Just took my word on it that I had the coupon. Nice customer service!

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