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Christmas Part One

December 20th, 2010 at 10:07 pm

We had our first two rounds of gift opening this weekend, with two more to happen on Christmas Day! All these different working/vacation schedules in the extended family are making this Christmas strategically difficult. Still, it was a fun day Ė good dinner, lots of laughter, and the kids had a ball.

On Sunday I felt I had to go get a few more ďfunĒ things to open on Christmas Day. My plan was to find stuff at Goodwill, but I got there too early. Even after I went out to breakfast to kill time ($12), it still wasnít open, so I went to Target. I found some things there, all right, but I spent a little over $100. Then I went to Goodwill and found a few more things for $13 Ė and that included a pair of jeans for me. Of course, the Target stuff is going to be much more appreciated, and more useful, and I donít really regret anything I bought. While I was out, I also got gas for $30.

Anyway, I hope I am really done now.

This evening I am taking another sold book to the post office, picking up a package that was left at the leasing office, and then Iím going to crash! I barely slept last night. I got myself into a dither about finances, and what I would do if I lost my job (which I donít think is a real issue, but it seems that way in the wee hours of the morning). I just think all the reporting about the sad economy is getting to me. I couldnít fall asleep. Today I am just dragging, but soon I will rest.

Tomorrow Iím planning to go to Nordstrom Rack after work to use my Groupon Ė NR is having a big sale Ė and I also have to assemble an egg casserole that I will bake in the morning and take to work for our all-day Christmas feast. Then in the evening, my son and his family are coming over for chicken and dumplings. The chicken is already cooked; it will just be a matter of putting it all together and heating it up. On Christmas Eve I will go to my sonís house to bake gingerbread for Santa, and after the gift opening there in the morning I will go to my other sonís house for more.

On Thursday or so, I need to make time to get my fifteen items at the grocery store.

Right now it seems like a lot to do, but thatís because all I want to do is sleep! Soon, soonÖ..

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