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Fifteen items

February 19th, 2011 at 10:39 pm

I'm doing my 15 items early to get back on a Saturday schedule again. Today I went to Target, so I could get my $15 rebate. I didn't need a lot of food, and it shows:

2 bags of Tootsie Rolls (for work)
Bag of Tostitos -- on sale
Chips Ahoy -- on sale
Salsa -- house brand -- on sale
2 Green Giant frozen green beans w/almonds -- on sale
"Magic Bumper" -- on sale
Photo Album
2 plastic plates for kids
2 coloring books
2 packages Always pantiliners -- special promotion (got $5 gift card)

Looks like I miscounted and got 16 -- oh, well, I've come in under a few times, too.

The Magic Bumper is a set of stick-on pads to protect floors from furniture.

The total was $48.87, and $15 will come off the Discover card, and I got a $5 gift card, so the real total is $28.87.

I also made my Goodwill visit today.

Once again, great finds!

A brand new replacement coffee pot for my Mr. Coffee (my pot keeps losing the lid) - 1.99

A box containing 7 people and 2 trees for my DIL's Christmas village -- 2.99 (I'm pumped about this one!)

2 packages of Christmas wrap - 1.49

1 Christmas gift bag - .49

Pyrex standing spoon rest with spoon (looks new) - 3.99

Set of 4 Anchor Hocking ramekins, still in shrink wrap -- 3.99

Super cute jeweled bookmark -- new in package -- 1.99

AND -- that king-size sheet that coordinates with my dust ruffles was still there, still 12.99. This time I bought it. I figured there is so much material there, I can not only make pillow shams but do other stuff if I just think about it. That one sheet (still in package, by the way) was originally $70, so I guess it is a fair price.

So it's been a good day. I took a nap on the sofa, watched two episodes of "Wives & Daughters" and read some in my "Happy for No Reason" book. It's really warm and I should take a walk, but for some reason my ankle really hurts today.

I resisted eating out -- came home and had chili, milk and cookies for lunch, which all tasted so good. I also made a breakfast casserole this morning AND had a bagel with cream cheese -- so I've got 190 calories left for the rest of the day. But I'll do it!

3 Responses to “Fifteen items”

  1. mamas debt time out Says:

    I am going to check out the goodwill, hopefully they will have some good items (winter items for next year).

  2. rob62521 Says:

    That Goodwill of yours must be well stocked!

  3. CB in the City Says:

    Yes, it's a very good Goodwill!

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