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A little bit of income

April 22nd, 2011 at 03:04 pm

I got a check from Mazola for a rebate: $6.49. And a Pine Cone payment of $3. I just joined Opinion Outpost, so I hope to have another little income stream soon.

The lunch I went to yesterday was paid for by the College -- that was a nice surprise. I didn't control myself very well on the calorie front however. I was so hungry. I ate a big gourmet hamburger with bleu cheese and carmelized onions and some of the big mound of French fries on the plate. While waiting for the meal to arrive, I ate two slices of buttered French bread. But that's not all! Back at the office, I ate 5 chocolates from a box of Pot O' Gold. I was just ravenous.

When I got home, I skipped dinner and exercised but couldn't undo the damage. Before bed I ate one slice of bread. Lord, what a day.

The scale didn't show a gain this morning, but the scale has been obstinately stuck for weeks now, the only motion being a pound gained, a pound lost, a pound gained, a pound lost. Today I adjusted my goal down to 1300 calories, since 1480 is obviously maintenance for me.

Late in the day I started fretting about money -- all the expenses coming up this month, and then I expanded my fear to HOW WILL I POSSIBLY SURVIVE AFTER RETIREMENT? I skipped the book signing because I didn't want to use the gas! I was in a state.

This morning I am calmer but determined to get a handle on both my weight and my finances -- and to do what I can and to LET THE REST GO! Jeesh!

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  1. momcents Says:

    Glad today is offering a refreshed attitude! I've reckoned the best thing to do (for myself) is to just plod along doing the best as I can, making the wisest decision that offers itself, and it will be OK. Smile

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