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All packed up

July 5th, 2011 at 04:31 am

My booth, that is.

I got everything in boxes yesterday, labeled A, B, and C. A -- going into the new booth. B -- maybe, if there's room in the car. C-- going to Goodwill.

Well, the B's are going to Goodwill, too, but there will be room in my car, I think, for my sewing rocker, and I won't have to rent a trailer.

Today we deal with the fixtures. The owner will consign our secretary and a nice coffee table. The bookcases have to be delivered to my sister's house -- she's set someone up to do that. We sold a bookcase yesterday as we were packing up.

There are a few occasional tables that we will leave with the owner, to either consign or use as he sees fit.

I have saved receipts, but haven't tracked expenses yet. So far I have spent the gas to get here, a night in a hotel, lunch out, and $44 for my last month's booth rental. I also got back $108 from my deposit.

The new booth will be somewhat smaller and the rent will only be $85 as opposed to $150. And it will be three hours away instead of 17 hours away! Also, my best friend will look after it (dusting, filling spaces) when I can't be there.

I do wish I could have moved it closer to home, but the rents in Chicago are crazy. Granted, I could jack up the prices, but I don't feel right about that. I like to charge what I think the real value is.

I forgot to put my half.com bookstore on vacation, so of course I sold a book! I had to email some friends to pinch-hit for me. One of my them is looking after my cats, so she will find the book, and she will take it to another friend who is also a seller and knows the drill. Sheesh. I sell so rarely anymore, I didn't even think of it.

My cousin and I had a lovely fourth watching fireworks on TV in air-conditioning. Definitely the way to go. It is HOT here in NC!

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