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Fifteen items

July 18th, 2011 at 09:23 am

Birthday card
Fresh raspberries -- on sale
Yellow squash
Green pepper – on sale
Bag of nectarines
4-pack Pillsbury biscuits
Bag of frozen mixed vegetables – on sale
Pecan Sandies – on sale
Cat Food – on sale
2 bottles vitamins – BOGO
2 bottles CoQ10 – BOGO
Shower cap
Bag of mini-pads – house brand

Total: $89.09
Total Savings $47.43

Big cost, but big savings. The main reason is the CoQ10, which is 33.99 a bottle, but I got one free.

I take CoQ10 because I also take a statin. It was recommended by my former doctor that I always take CoQ10, because statins eat it up, or something.

Now I hear rumblings that women don’t even need statins – I’ll have to ask my doctor about that. If I can stop taking statins, I’ll save a lot in CoQ10!

I also went garage-saling this weekend. My best finds were a black turtleneck and a denim shirt for .50 each. Both classic items, both missing in my current wardrobe. I also found some Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Groendahl plates for my booth – 3 for $8. Not the greatest price, but I’ll charge at least $10 for each. I also found a cool weathered, crackled frame that will look great with a Mary Cassatt print I already have, and a ceramic jar that says “Lollypops for Good Children” It looks like it’s from the ‘fifties. The frame was .50 and the jar $1. Both will go in the booth. I also found a wicker shelf for $1 which I will probably use for display, and a $1 Santa for my own collection. I really like this one. Santa is bald and feeding a reindeer. I also found some books and stocking stuffers for my grandson ($2.50) and some snowpants (.50). So, a good day, but no major finds.

I stayed inside all day Sunday – I had a headache and the weather was HOT. It’s hot today, too. I hope a thunderstorm will cool things off, but just a mild one. No more broken trees and power lines, please!

1 Responses to “Fifteen items”

  1. laura(momcents) Says:

    Mary Cassatt is my favorite artist (well, one of them) and we always like to visit her famous picture at the Art Institute!

    Sounds like some good scores!

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