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Of course I went

October 1st, 2011 at 06:46 pm

Why did I even wonder whether I would go to the rummage sale or not? I can't resist them.

I spent $9.50 and got three crystal goblets, a large Anchor Hocking glass bowl, a smaller, more decorative glass bowl, a Limoges two-handled cup and a decanter. I bought them all for the booth, but I may keep the big bowl. I have nothing like it.

The reason I got such good deals was that they were selling housewares half-price. I also took a look at their "collectibles" room -- where nothing was half-price -- and everything was way too costly. Fair prices, but not low enough for a re-seller like me.

I stopped at Wal-Mart on the way and spent $29 on household stuff and $5 on a prescription. The machine would not accept my FlexPro card for the prescription, though it has many times before. According to my records, I still have about $100 left on the card, so I can't understand what was wrong. I finally just paid cash; it was too frustrating.

When I got on the scale this morning it registered a number I did not like at all, so I am back on the wagon. Counting calories and exercising. I took a 45-minute walk today. After a cold morning, the afternoon weather was lovely.

I got an email from the property company requesting rent payment today. Duh, I paid it on September 15. I pay ahead to avoid foolishness like this. I replied that my rent was already paid and to please check their records. I have my receipt if they question it further.

1 Responses to “Of course I went”

  1. -Jerry- Says:

    It is so annoying when the property managers don't have their facts straight, and it leads to a lot of frustration. At least you have the insurance of your receipt to cover your payment!

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