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Got my samplers

October 12th, 2011 at 05:51 pm

My samplers were ready today. I left from work a little early and went straight to Michael's. For once, I drove there and back in traffic that was moving! I guess earlier is better.

The samplers look great, though they are bigger than I expected. But I always have that reaction when I have something framed.

I found a quarter in front of the store.

Someone left a (wrapped) muffin in the break room. I'll have it for breakfast tomorrow before I get on the road for my conference in the city. Breakfast and lunch will be provided (but since the drive may be an hour, I'll need to eat before I get there).

Parking will be $18! I can probably have the college reimburse me, but I don't think I will ask. Since it is my job to raise money for the college, I like to help them out in little ways. No, I won't get credit for the $18, but still, it's $18 the college can use for something else. They are already paying for the conference.

I sold a book on half.com today. It was the second one this week. One was 4.99 and one was 3.99, so I'll be getting that plus postage in my account. I always make a little money on postage -- the rate is lower than their estimate. And I am very creative about the way I wrap the book. Not that I would ever do a bad job of it -- but I try not to buy mailing bags, which would just eat up the profit. I save small boxes and mailing bags that come to me, or that come to work, and if I have neither I wrap the book in bubble wrap and heavy paper, well taped. That's what I did this time.

I must say I am a bit surprised whenever I sell a book. It seems to me that Kindle will eventually make deep cuts in the used book market. But I suppose there are others, like me, that like the physical book. I, however, prefer to get my books free, whether passed on from friends, or borrowed from the library.

That reminds me, I need to take some books to one of my co-workers. She is good about passing them along to me, and I need to reciprocate. I think I have a sense of what she likes. I'll scour my shelves.

4 Responses to “Got my samplers”

  1. starfishy Says:

    Wow, you are generous about the parking. I work at a private school and would never cover one of my work expenses! What's it like to start selling on half.com - does it take a long time to get set up and do you have to pay to sell books? Thanks for any info you can provide.

  2. My English Castle Says:

    I like half.com better than selling on Amazon. And I (as usual) agree with CB. Save those mailing bags!
    It's easy getting set up, especially if you already have an ebay account.

  3. CB in the City Says:

    I see EC has already answered for me -- very well! Half.com is really easy, and you don't have to pay. You do have to pay postage when you mail, but you are reimbursed a flat postage price. As I said, I always come out a little ahead. Give it a try!

  4. starfishy Says:

    Thanks EC and CB for the half.com info!!

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