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It's a low carb day

February 3rd, 2012 at 01:41 pm

And it's the day before grocery shopping. I brought to work everything I have that's low carb -- a slice of ham (already ate that), some chicken fajita filling, celery & dip, walnuts and chicken broth. I was so tempted to drive through the McDonald's window and get a big breakfast for the sausage and egg, but I resisted. Tonight I plan to have scrambled eggs. And I will also try to snag a free sample of chicken bites from McDonald's on the way home, though I suspect there will be a long line.

Tomorrow a big chunk of my $20 will have to go to kitty litter and pantiliners (no, I can't do without them!) I also MUST get some meat for my low-carb days -- there is a BOGO on chicken breasts, so that's probably what I'll get. And I'm out of peanut butter. There is a special that interested me -- if you buy 2 DiGiorno pizzas (which I love) you get a free half-gallon of ice cream. (And of course I love that, too!) But I don't need them, and I think I'll have to pass in order to get the things I need.

I had a revelation yesterday. I ran out of the little snack plastic bags and started to put them on my list. Then I thought -- Whaaa? Why don't I just use the sandwich size? Which I already have. How streamlined do I have to get about packing my lunch? In the space where the snack bags used to go I put a few folded-up bread bags, which I will also use for packing lunches.

There was a reception at work yesterday with especially nice treats -- meatballs, bruschetta, nuts, cheese, fruit, cookies -- even wine. I tried to control myself, really I did! Nicely enabled a light dinner of soup!

Big goals this weekend -- get my taxes done, and clear my dining room table!

2 Responses to “It's a low carb day”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Since you're a grandmother (if I remember correctly) then I'm guessing the pantiliners aren't for TOM. Smile Have you ever considered using reusable cloth liners? You can make them yourself (directions online) or purchase pre-made ones. A bit of an initial outlay, but will end up saving money (and waste) in the long run. Smile

  2. CB in the City Says:

    Actually, I have used cloth liners before, but I didn't like them. Not dry enough. I need to get my plumbing fixed, but I'm putting it off. I hope in the future I won't need pads at all.

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