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Checking In

December 31st, 2012 at 09:48 pm

This will be short, as I'm very busy logging in year-end gifts. But I have a small break.

I've been very sick the past few days. Either a cold or flu, but it really got me down. I spent two days in bed, which is very unusual for me. I had a fever that wouldn't break and my head felt like it was going to pop. Today I was better -- thank goodness -- because I think I would have been expected to work even if I were dead.

Before I went down, I had a day to myself. I finally got to see "Lincoln" and I used some gift cards to buy myself a welcome mat, lock de-icer, a candle, some socks, and a pair of PJ's for my granddaughter. Still have cards to use at Barnes & Noble and Banana Republic -- maybe tomorrow.

I was going to babysit the grandsons tonight, but thank goodness my kids decided not to go out. I don't think I could do it in my rocky state of health and after a day of work. (And might I add, what gives with no heat in the office? We really are the drek around here!)

I expect to get some gas on the way home and that will be my last spending for 2012. Then I can get started on my monthly and annual recaps. It's been quite a year for me -- a new home, a new granddaughter, a new boss, getting used to a big commute. I'm looking forward to a more sedate 2013!

Tonight I will park on the street. I finally did talk to the lady who owns my parking spot and told her I could not afford it. She said she wished she had known, but since neither one of us had the other's address or phone, it was pretty hard to get that done. I signed up to get email alerts for snow emergencies -- that is when I will have to move the car for snowplowing. It's a simple plan. Odd side of the street on odd days, even side of the street on even days. But only when it's a snow emergency, which is a snowfall of 4 inches or more.

It might be a bit of a pain, but worth $720, I think.

2 Responses to “Checking In”

  1. gattaca Says:

    As someone who has had to deal with on street parking and snowstorms, I highly recommend getting AAA if you don't have it already. I have called them on several occasions to yank my car out after the plow came through and there was no way I could shovel out the icy snow that was packed into the underside of the car.

  2. CB in the City Says:

    Thanks, Gattaca. I do have AAA -- and a shovel, and two strong sons close by. But I'm really hoping for another mild winter.

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