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Whatta Day!

August 27th, 2013 at 01:49 pm

Yesterday after driving to work and putting in a full day, I set out at about 4 to run some errands in my work town. The first errand was to mail a package -- 4 pounds of baby clothes for my granddaughter. The cost was $12. I had to wait in line to use the kiosk, but otherwise, no problem.

Then I went to Goodwill with a bag of stuff to drop off. What should have been a 5-minute drive took nearly an hour. First there was some kind of police action in the middle of the highway. They I got into a lane where someone was stalled. After I got around him, I sat in the turn lane for ... centuries? There were two turn lanes, one blocked off. We were turning onto a road that was down to one lane because of repaving. The really irritating thing was that drivers kept butting into our line, AND PEOPLE WERE LETTING THEM IN! Really? There's politeness, and then there's silliness.

Finally got to Goodwill, where I calmed down my road rage with a little shopping. I spent $16, and bought a pair of capris, a long-sleeved tee, a work blouse, a Santa ornament, a Blue Ridge pottery plate for my hutch, and a bud vase. Very happy with all my purchases.

Then it was back out onto the awful road again (not so bad this time, though) and on to get a haircut -- $15 including tip. I got a new hairdresser this time, and I liked her work. I will remember her name, because it's the same as my granddaughter's!

I didn't dare get back on the same road to go home, so I headed in the opposite direction till I found a main road north. On that road I stopped for gas - $30 -- and for a car wash -- $3. By the time I got to the road heading east toward home I was starving and couldn't wait another 30-40 minutes for dinner, so I went to McDonalds and bought the $1 cheddar onion burger and a small smoothie -- $3.77.

The traffic was still heavy and I don't even know what time I got home. I remember glancing at my watch after I'd chilled for a while (literally -- I hadn't left the air on), and being surprised that it was 9:30.

I wasn't ready for sleep and worked on the puzzle a while. Finally had a glass of wine and turned in.

A day like that makes me glad I usually take the train. Although it wasn't a BAD day, just a lot of frustrations.

Today it is supposed to get up into the upper 90's. I left my air conditioning units on -- low. It kind of makes me nervous, but if I don't, I'll walk into an oven tonight, and it would take hours to catch up. The cats will enjoy it. Smile

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  1. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    block it out except ---> the thrift store deals! (and maybe the good haircut Smile )

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