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A Quiet Sunday

January 26th, 2014 at 08:09 pm

Not a lot going on today. Getting updates about my BIL and friend. Looks like my BIL will go into a rehab facility next week, and my friend, who winters in Florida, will go home to Indiana for more evaluation from her surgeon. She may be able to have brain surgery yet.

I did another load of laundry this morning so that I won't have to go out tomorrow and Tuesday. Unless it turns out that I DO have to go to work. Hope that I can work from home; I can't see the point of a dangerous commute when I can be just as productive at home.

I'm eating up that chicken casserole that didn't turn out. I've had two servings. The rest has gone into the freezer, divided into portions which I'll take for lunches. It actually tasted better today than it did yesterday, but I'll never make it again.

I've got a pot of water simmering on the stovetop, just to get a little moisture in the air.

My knee seems to be better, but I'm still far away from normal. I've discovered that my couch throw is great substitute for a yoga strap.

Speaking of yoga, I think I might investigate taking classes after I get back to normal. Flexibility is clearly a problem of mine, so a yoga class might be just the thing to get me limber in my declining years.

Watched really good old movie today, "Anatomy of a Murder." I've never seen it before, though I've seen bits of it. Great writing and acting!

4 Responses to “A Quiet Sunday”

  1. FreebieQueen Says:

    I have found yoga to be really beneficial, but I'm not into the 1 hour - 1.5 hour classes. A few months ago I purchased Bethenny's SkinnyGirl Workout video. It has 3 yoga videos plus a stretching video. 2 of the yoga videos are 15 minutes and the other one is 20 minutes. The stretching video is 12 minutes. I think this is a good way to ease into yoga. I have weak upper arms so that is one of the reasons doing yoga for an hour isn't fun. Most mornings I wake up and do the stretch video and if I come home after work without going to the gym I do one of the yoga videos.

  2. FreebieQueen Says:

    I just remembered that one of the SkinnyGirl videos is posted on There are a lot of good exercise videos on there that are short in length which may be good for you until you knee heals.

  3. snafu Says:

    I just realized that I likely make soup nearly every other day as the gently simmering broth & leftovers improve the moisture level when it's so cold and the air is so dry. I'd stopped at a ethnic food store last Friday and bought small amounts of various dried beans. I've labelled many as they are different and I've never used them before. I figured I'd experiment as the cost is so small.

  4. CB in the City Says:

    I won't do any yoga until I get the go-ahead from my physical therapist. I'm just thinking about the future.

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