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One of those weekends

November 24th, 2014 at 05:02 pm

This weekend was spendier than I anticipated. It began on Friday, when I got lunch at the cafeteria -- empanadas and plantains for $7. You would think something nice and soft like that would not break my temporary crown, right? Wrong. The crown is busted. I called the dentist's office, but my dentist was out, and not available till today. Since it wasn't completely broken and was not painful, I went with that.

So on the way home, I stopped at Walgreen's and got some kind of goop to patch it, as well as milk and frosting for my son's birthday party, spending $10. I ended up not using the goop, since the crown is still holding, so I might return it.

On Saturday morning, I spent $4.50 on laundry. Then I went to the doctor to have him look at the mole on my back again. That was $15 more. (He froze it again, but it's still there as of today.)

I went to the grocery to finish up shopping for my son's birthday party and spent $32. I bought a cake, since I lost a lot of time at the doctor's, and I also bought some prepared fruit salad.

The party went great, but my gift was a scream. When I ordered from his Amazon gift list, I did not realize that they showed me "bestsellers" first rather than his real picks. I bought 3 CDs and a movie he didn't want! (I thought they were kind of odd choices for him!) Well, his wife and kids want to keep two of the CDs -- one CD and the movie are going back. I had him order a game for himself in place of the returns. Bah! Since they were bought mostly with cashback rewards, I'm not sure what I'll be refunded, and the rewards are gone, so I think I lost some money on that deal.

On Sunday I went back to the grocery because my brother called and asked me to bring cranberry relish to Thanksgiving dinner. I spent $40 -- most of that going to a bottle of Grand Marnier. I guess I could have left it out of the relish, but I do hate to be cheap when my brother is providing so very much....

I still had two stops to make. At PetSmart I bought more kitty litter and three-day fish pellets, and I also got a supersize litter pan. All that was $32. Then I went to Kohl's to use my Kohl's cash. I ended up buying a Christmas wreath for my door, $11 after using the Kohl's cash and getting the wreath half off. It will look a lot better than my morning glory wreath, which is very summery! I couldn't find anything gifty or anything else I really needed.

So, it will be back to the dentist this afternoon -- probably another charge. I may not get that Target gift card on Black Friday -- I may have already met the $2000 by then!

My Bose is supposed to be delivered today. I wish I could have stayed home to accept it, but the broken crown made that impossible. I hope they will be smart and leave an attempt-to-deliver notice!

3 Responses to “One of those weekends”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Hope your tooth feels better.

  2. Firstofmanysteps Says:

    Those temporary crowns are so fragile, I've managed to break mine 3 times.

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Ugh! How frustrating with the temp crown. I hope you can get it all resolved quickly.

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