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Short Week

February 3rd, 2015 at 03:24 pm

I got a snow day yesterday, and I'm taking a vacation day on Friday, so this will be a short week!

On Friday I'm driving up to Michigan (weather permitting) to visit my brother; also to see my former professor for lunch.

The weather is, or has been, horrendous. Today it seems pretty clear and the roads are getting cleaned up, but on Sunday we got a massive blizzard. I had trouble just walking across the street to my son's house.

And this morning, I had my first fall of the season. I slid on the ice and fell on one knee. Luckily, not too hard, but I hate to do anything to my wonky knees. I seem to be okay, though.

It was a pretty low-spend weekend. I bought groceries with a gift card, so although I spent $48, it won't be tracked, since I tracked the price of the card already. I also spent $10 at PetSmart for fish food and water clarifier.

On Sunday morning I drove my car to the city parking garage (free during snowstorms so they can plow the streets). My son picked me up and I spent the day at their place. They had a little Superbowl gathering for their friends and the grandmas. I may have won the "guess the score" contest in my family's football pool. I guessed the total combined score would be 51, and it was 52. I'm betting no one came any closer, but I haven't heard from the bookie yet.

On Monday I just stayed inside. I made a big batch of oatmeal breakfast cookies, and cooked off some ground beef, which I froze in one-pound packages. I watched another segment of The Borgias on Netflix (working my way through the series) and then watched "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" on Amazon Prime, which was a very sweet movie -- I liked it a lot.

Tonight I'm going to combine some leftover couscous with some leftover creamed chipped beef, add some cheese and call it dinner. I'm betting it will be good!

I'm also going to pick up my car from the garage tonight. Free parking ends at midnight. I'll just take the train to the station nearest the garage and walk there. I hope they've made some real progress on the side streets, so there will be a place to park it when I get home!

Haven't done my January recap yet -- I'll do that later today.

Oh, and I turned in my early retirement packet. There's lots of buzz and excitement. Everyone wants to do it! Darn!

4 Responses to “Short Week”

  1. michdado Says:

    CB - glad your knee is (relatively okay). Congratulations on your early retirement. When will you find out if your application has been accepted for early retirement?

  2. CB in the City Says:

    I believe I have to wait till the end of March.

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Ouch! I'm glad you weren't hurt when you fell. I really dislike walking on the ice in my heels, but my snow boots aren't exactly work appropriate. Smile
    We had so many calls on Monday asking if the buses were running. A couple people happily informed me that the school's were closed. Yep, the schools may be closed, but the buses keep on trucking (even if 20 - 40 minutes behind schedule ...)

  4. chloe Says:

    Hope the weather cooperates for your trip this weekend. I am so ready for spring!

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