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Day Before Pay Day

November 21st, 2017 at 04:31 pm

I've made it to the day before pay day. I don't think I will spend anything today, so I created my monthly recap:

Housing: 695
Medical/Health: 356
Gifts/Charity: 268
Eating Out: 136
Groceries: 94
Utilities: 65
Gas: 60
Phone: 52
Vet/Pet Supplies: 27
Entertainment: 20
Furnishings/Equipment/Decor: 18
Laundry: 12
Fares/Parking: 10
Clothing: 8
Household Supplies: 3

Grand Total: 1824

Variables: 94%

As expected, a big month for medical and gifts. Eating out was unusually high, but it does reflect some good times, not just runs through the driveup window. Utilities were low because the cable/internet bill did not fall within this pay cycle.

Expecting a quiet day today. Still using up food. I had oatmeal for breakfast; will have peanut soup and applesauce for lunch, and cheese quesadillas for dinner. I still have quite a bit of food in the freezer, but I'd rather not thaw anything only to have to (possibly) refreeze before I travel.

2 Responses to “Day Before Pay Day”

  1. Amber Says:

    Enjoy your quiet day 🌞

  2. rob62521 Says:

    It's good that your variables weren't at 100% . You do a good job of keeping track of this.

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