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Just Laundry

February 15th, 2018 at 01:48 pm

That was my only spending yesterday, another $1.50.

I was on the verge of buying dinner for my grandson (which would have been a run through a drive-through) but we didn't happen to pass a fast food restaurant, so I just took him home. I had taken him to a sports place where he did some batting and pitching practice.

I did deliver the valentines to the boys with $10 inserted, and they were thrilled. I also got a video text from my Florida DIL of the grandkids there opening up their valentine candy boxes. They are too young to appreciate cash.

I had to let my cousin know that I could not attend his wedding in Houston. I thought getting my tax refund would help me afford the trip, but it wasn't enough. When I looked up flights and hotels, they were just out of my range. I feel so bad about this.

I adjusted my variables budget to add my snowflake income. I changed my snowflake "rules" so that it is only real income, not coupon savings or anything like that. That has put this month's variables spending at 73%. Much better. A big chunk of my snowflakes was my $238 tax refund.

Today it's back to the gym, and then I will stop at Aldi and pick up a few items. I'm not doing any stocking up, just filling in, until I get paid on the 28th.

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