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Wedding Watching

May 19th, 2018 at 01:06 pm

I've been watching Harry & Meghan's wedding this morning. I only caught it from the moment Meghan walked down the aisle, but that was enough! How lovely and inspiring, a great way to begin a Saturday morning.

I did a last-minute mystery shop last night -- it was only a $10 payment and I had to drive 10 miles in pretty heavy traffic, so overall it probably wasn't worth it. But I wanted to get back in the groove.

When I was updating my mystery shop spreadsheet, I saw that my payment and reimbursement for the oil change was still outstanding. I went to the site and discovered that my profile was not finished -- I had not accepted terms. So I took care of that and sent a heads-up note to agent who assigned me. I hope I will still get the reimbursement and that I haven't messed myself up.

My shop last night was at a warehouse store, and I was there at dinnertime, so I spent $1.65 on a hot dog and a drink.

It was kind of a crazy day. When I went to pick up GS1, my DIL called me in alarm because she had forgotten about a birthday party he was supposed to attend. It took place at a baseball game at the university, so she knew it was something GS1 would not want to miss. I rushed him home to get his jacket and his mitt and dropped him off at the field -- and it took some doing figuring out where that field was! But I got him there almost on time, and then I rushed back to pick up GS2, who had stayed after school for a Tae Kwan Do class. Once I got him home, and after my DIL arrived home from work, I hopped right back in the car to take care of my mystery shop.

I have two baseball games today, and I also expect to make an appearance at a festival that DIL's company is organizing. It will be another busy day.

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