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Spending Again

August 3rd, 2018 at 05:28 am

Went to Sam's yesterday. Filled the tank for $27 and then bought garbage bags and creamer for $25. Big containers, obviously. I decided to buy the creamer at Sam's because I seem to go through it so fast, I might as well go bulk. I also bought a $5 rotisserie chicken for my son's family. They are on a no-carb diet.

I took my grandson to IHOP for lunch, and spent $12.

So it was kind of a spendy day. Variables are up to 23%.

Today I'm heading south to be with BFF as she wrestles with the news that her mother is now in hospice. I guess I will pack a funeral outfit just in case. BFF seems to think that death is imminent. My experience is that hospice can drag out, but I guess it is better to be prepared than not.

My grandson helped me carry boxes of garage sale stuff down to the car yesterday. The trunk is almost full. The garage sale is going to be the last thing on BFF's mind, but I cannot pass up this opportunity to transport some boxes. It will take several trips to get it there, and the sale will happen eventually.

2 Responses to “Spending Again”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Hope you have a safe trip and can get some of the rummage sale stuff taken there. Sorry about your BFF's mom.

  2. Thanos Says:

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