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Free Day

April 15th, 2019 at 05:13 am

Neither the nurse nor the physical therapist will visit today. Tomorrow the nurse will remove my stitches and staples, and the physical therapist will visit on Wednesday and Friday.

My improvement continues to be pretty amazing. I am getting more flexible every day and I am able to go much longer without pain pills. I really think when the doctor sees me next week, I will be good to go.

People ask me if my hip feels a lot better. Well, of course, that is the area that hurts, because there is a healing incision and because there is a foreign body inside my hip that my body has to get used to. But I will say that the pain feels different, and I can tell that when the healing is done, it will be much better than it was before. I can hardly wait.

One interesting thing I am noticing is that my appetite is decreased -- probably a side effect from one of the drugs. But not being so hungry makes it easy to make good food choices. I realize it is the hunger that drives me to make poor choices, and this is what I must learn to control when my appetite comes back.

There is snow on the ground this morning, and ice on the roads. Crazy! I certainly hope we have had our last blast of winter now.

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