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Gym Visit

May 8th, 2019 at 10:01 am

I finally made it back to the gym this morning, for the first time since my surgery. I did my regular old routine, except that I cut way back on the weights and reps. I added a bit of bicycling and some of my PT exercises. I feel pretty good.

Afterwards, I bought a sausage biscuit at McDonalds for $1 and then I went to get my watch battery replaced. I tried first at Batteries Plus but they didn't have the right tool to open my watch. So I went to a jeweler. There it cost $22 -- about half for the battery and half to replace a gasket. The original gasket was letting a little water in. My watch is not expensive, but it is dear to me because my grandsons bought it for me, so I want to keep it going as long as possible.

My variables are now up to 61%. I did find a dime to offset, however!

Tomorrow I have a mystery shop at lunchtime, and a baseball game in the evening. Big day ahead!

1 Responses to “Gym Visit”

  1. Dido Says:

    Wow, back to the gym after just over a month--impressive! Glad you are doing so well!

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