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For Want of an Onion....

May 24th, 2019 at 05:42 am

While getting ready to assemble the meat loaf, I realized I didn't have an onion. So, after picking up my grandson, I stopped at the store. I also bought a can of red beans for chili (since I had more ground beef than I thought) and a pack of bottled water, which I keep in the car. GS picked up a container of pretzels, which I will keep in the car for after school snacks. Altogether, a $9 purchase. That, along with $3 for laundry in the morning, took variables to 61%.

So today I'll make the meat loaf and the chili. The taco filling is done, and the mini-patties for sliders are formed and in the freezer. I don't anticipate having to do more grocery shopping except for perishables and replacement of staples.

Yesterday was a remarkably beautiful day, but today it is raining again. Boy, is the grass ever green!

Today is a free day, so in addition to finishing up the cooking, I plan to clean the fish tank and do some housework. As well as fun stuff, like reading and catching up on more episodes of Game of Thrones.

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