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Home Repairs

July 10th, 2019 at 06:12 am

The plumbers came and hacked a hole in my ceiling, but they could not find the source of the leak. They have to get into the upstairs unit, but that is proving difficult since the owner is not around. They are coming back today and hopefully bringing a master key.

Meanwhile, it is continuing to drip steadily, and the ceiling is getting soggy where it isn't broken.

I spent $16 on groceries yesterday and paid my grandson $10 for his care of my cat while I was on vacation. I also paid $3 for breakfast at McDonalds, since I had pretty much no food at home and a kitchen that was dripping on me.

I took the big medical bills out of variables and they now stand at 78% with two weeks to go.

Hoping to get some resolution today on the leak.

Oh, I had the guys look at my living room ceiling "bow" and they said it was unrelated to the drip, but they had seen the same thing in another unit and it required a whole ceiling replacement, because patching it will cause the whole thing to crumble. As I thought, the old original plaster is giving out. It has served its time. The good news is that it is stable for now and I probably won't have to address it until I want to get the condo ready to sell -- whenever that is.

1 Responses to “Home Repairs”

  1. Jenn Says:

    It sounds like your upstairs neighbors have something leaking other than a pipe. We once had the little tube connected to the refrigerator ice maker wiggle loose while we slept and we woke to water throughout the bottom floor. When we leave for vacation my husband shuts off the main water valve for our house. I've always thought he was paranoid. Your situation might change my mind! I'm curious to hear the source of the issue.

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