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Frustrating Day

August 6th, 2019 at 04:30 am

Yesterday I started my day early after only 5 hours of sleep. Not nearly enough! I felt off all day.

I tried to talk to SS, but I had major frustration. My first call, I tried to wait out the queue, but I finally hung up because GS2 was asking me questions and needing help with one of the remotes. Then I got online and tried the chat, which only directed me to leave a callback request. They said they would call back in fifteen minutes. I decided to walk over to DS' house with GS2, because I really need to get started on lunch. The call came while we were coming up the stairs. I took it, but it kept cutting out and finally, the call was dropped. I did learn a little bit in the few minutes we were connected. The benefit verification letter does not reflect the SS income I received as a spouse, so that's why there are all these zero's on it. I think that may mean that the zero for next month's payment is not correct.

Anyway, I'll try again today. I was too exhausted yesterday to make another attempt.

I spent $6 at Starbucks yesterday. We got to music lessons a half-hour early, so I took GS2 there. I had coffee and he had a cake slice. I was tired and not making good decisions.

I slept better last night!


Okay, my call was much easier today! And good news -- I will still get the August 24 payment. The reason I was so confused is that the website said my next payment was "$0 on ," so obviously they have some work to do on their site.

I'm so happy! I could have done it, with my savings, but I'm so glad I don't have to!

3 Responses to “Frustrating Day”

  1. Dido Says:

    Glad you got a good outcome despite the frustration of the multiple phone calls!

  2. Bluebird Says:

    So happy for you with the good news!!!

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    You are lucky you have a site to consult, we are dealing with VA educational benefit issues and there is ZERO information on the account online. So frustrating! So happy for you!!

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