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A Quiet Birthday

August 11th, 2019 at 04:04 pm

DS & the boys left early this morning to join DIL out east for a vacation. She has been working at a conference in Buffalo and will stay another week as she and the rest of the family explore Niagara Falls, Canada, etc. DS called before leaving to wish me a happy birthday and to let me know that he and DIL decided the best thing to do was to celebrate my "milestone" birthday when they all get back and they can do it right. I had already assumed that this was what they were going to do, since I hadn't heard any plans!

My Florida DS called and we had a long, good talk. And I've had many good wishes from friends and family. I feel blessed.

I felt inspired today to read a couple of books from my bookshelf. One is "The Art of Conversation." I've only read the first chapter, but it seems to be practical advice for improving conversational skills. I can really use this. I write pretty well, but I am awkward and halting in conversation. Typical introvert. I would like to be more articulate.

The other is the complete works of William Shakespeare. I read a lot of the plays in college, but that was a long time ago. I started at the very beginning and so am reading background material about life in Elizabethan England, which is very interesting! I already know a lot of it from reading historical fiction, but it is nice to see it all pulled together. It will take me a long time to get through the whole book, but I think it will be inspiring.

I am caring for DS' kitten while they are gone, and today I brought her over to see if she and Iggy would get along. Well, of course, I knew they wouldn't, but I thought MAYBE Iggy was docile enough that it would work. They stalked and growled and hissed, and I finally took her home, where she was very happy to be.

DS told me to take home any food in the fridge that was ready to expire. I brought home some salad, cabbage, carrots, peppers, apples, and clementines. I ended up throwing out the salad and peppers; they were too far gone. I also brought home some ham. He told me to take that. So I'll have a ham sandwich tonight.

I made the chicken noodle soup today -- I only made the broth yesterday. And I altered the potato cheese soup. It was too salty, so I added water, a little white wine vinegar and some sugar. It worked! I also added chopped leftover asparagus, which made the soup pretty and delicious.

After worrying about stretching my food, I am now worrying about using it all up!

5 Responses to “A Quiet Birthday”

  1. Wink Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Dido Says:

    I'm glad you were able to have a long conversation with your FL son, read something interesting, and still have a celebration to look forward to! Happy milestone!

  3. fireandi Says:

    Happy Birthday.

  4. Trying to get ahead Says:

    Happy birthday CB!

  5. rob62521 Says:

    Hope your birthday continued to be wonderful.

    Good use of the food!

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