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August 12th, 2019 at 03:00 pm

I did a load of laundry today; otherwise, it was a no-spend day. Variables are at 95% with two weeks and two days to go.

I made a skillet dish of ham with cabbage and apples; ate one serving and froze the rest. I also made a chicken stir fry with cabbage, carrots, peppers, onions and pineapple. One serving is in the fridge for tomorrow; the rest is in the freezer. The purpose of making these dishes was to use up the produce I got from DS; I wanted to do it quickly since most was a bit beyond its "best if used by" date.

It was really warm, and sweat was pouring down my face as I finished up cooking -- but I am refusing to turn on the AC. A storm is going to come through tonight and cool things down.

I continued reading my two educational books, and I made a trip to DS's house to feed their cat. She was very lonely and I sat with her on my lap for about a half-hour. She's very young and has never been left before. She's pretty bewildered.

I also went to the gym this morning.

BFF texted me today that she might be in Chicago this weekend with her son's family. They usually go to one of the museums, and she wants me to join them. Well, I can't afford that -- the museums are quite expensive, and I'm not sure what to tell her. I've already told her about my financial hardship this month, but she doesn't seem to quite get it. That said, I would also hate to miss seeing her, so I'm torn about what to do. I'm hoping they decide not to come so I don't have to decide!

6 Responses to “Monday”

  1. Lots of Ideas Says:

    Any chance your library has a membership at one of the museums that you could borrow?

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Can you deflect the museum and invite her over? Or meet them after their museum time. Or tell her straight up, you cannot to afford the museum this month.

  3. lurker Says:

    All you have to say when she asks if you want to go to the museum is, "I wish I could". Then follow up with an offer to meet for lunch or have her over for cake or whatever.

  4. fireandi Says:

    That sounds like a really productive day!

    It's uncomfortable to do so, but sometimes people don't get it and you have to be really direct with them. Tell her that you can't go to the musuem, but that you would love to have them over after for coffee at your place.

  5. rob62521 Says:

    Good use of the food, and then freezing some to have later.

    Perhaps you could meet her for a walk after they visit a museum. Do some window shopping or something while you visit. I'm sorry she doesn't get it about your finances.

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