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No-Spend Day

September 12th, 2019 at 06:03 am

I stayed home all day yesterday and spent nothing.

I wanted to do something else frugal, so I refused to turn on the air conditioning, even though it got pretty warm and humid by evening. I knew there was a cooldown on the way, and it is here this morning. Aaahh!

I also did a Pine Cone survey, and I have already been credited $3 today.

Today I am going to go the gym and then will stop at the vet's to buy some k/d cat food, so it won't be a no-spend day. This afternoon I will pick up the boys after school and take them to music lessons.

I've been deferring going to the grocery store by eating meals from the freezer. Also, when BFF came up, she brought me a bunch of microwavable mac & cheese bowls that her granddaughter didn't like. I tried one, and it's fine with me! I think there are about 8 more servings. So that will stretch my food budget.

She also brought me six pairs of yoga pants that she can't wear. They fit me great, and will be good pajama bottoms and/or workout wear.

I hope she continues to give me things she doesn't want! She seems to have caught on that I will happily accept hand-me-downs!

3 Responses to “No-Spend Day”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    I'd say you had a profitable day with the free food and free clothes!

  2. fireandi Says:

    That sounds like a good no-spend day, but as Rob said, also a profitable day.

    I used to do Pinecone surveys in the late 2000's. I got out of the habit of doing them and was dropped from their panel. I tried a few times to get back on, but have never been able to because they say their panels are full now.

  3. My English Castle Says:

    What a nice friend--I could use some more frugal friend. So many of mine seem to be superspenders.

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