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A Deposit and a Withdrawal

February 12th, 2021 at 11:30 pm

Yesterday I got a direct deposit of $112 from Allstate for Drivewise credits.  Then I took $80 out of my checking account -- $40 for the grandkids' valentines, and $40 for laundry money.  I have plenty of laundry money on hand, but since I was at the bank I got the limit in quarters, since they can sometimes be hard to find.

This morning I took my car to the dealer for recall work -- second time in a year.  Everything was fine and there was no cost.  The biggest disadvantage was that I had to be there at 7 am, and I slept terribly just knowing I had to get up so early.

When I got my battery replaced at Midas, they offered to do an oil change, since it had been a year since I'd had it done there.   I couldn't believe it had been a year, and I said I would need to check and see whether I'd done it somewhere else in the interim.  I couldn't find any evidence that I had.  Even so, it would be time for another, anyway.  So next week I'll take my car back.


3 Responses to “A Deposit and a Withdrawal”

  1. My English Castle Says:

    Ah, CB, I feel your anxiety about waking up early. I've spent years getting up at 6am, and now the idea that I have to get up at a certain time makes me sleep poorly too.

  2. terri77 Says:

    While I consider myself a morning person, I also like to wake naturally. I’m enjoying not working weekends this month. I have to be at work for 6 when I work weekends.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    I have the same issue; if I have to get up early, I don't sleep well.

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