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Uber and Other

April 26th, 2021 at 07:54 pm

I tested out my Uber account this morning.  Since it's now attached to a debit card that is provided by the city, I wanted to make sure it was working okay before I need it for the ride to the airport.   The ride went fine; everything worked as it needed to.  I asked to be taken to the locksmith, where I had some keys made.  From there I walked to the train station and rode home.

And there it gets kinky.  I was normally friendly to a fellow rider -- big mistake!  He decided that I should go out for coffee with him and was asking leading questions about where I lived and who I lived with.  He was insistent, and CREEPY, and all my warning bells went off.  I got home safely and I don't think I was followed, but I was quite shaken.  I have not had to deal with this kind of a threat in quite a while.  I won't be riding the train alone again any time soon.  The train is more and more dangerous these days in other ways, with reports of robberies and beatings and even gunfire.  Rare, yes, and mostly at night, but demanding caution.

Anyway, the keys were $11, and I paid the Uber driver a $1 tip.  The ride was "free" since it charged my debit card, and I counted the cost when I made the deposit way back when.

I arranged to have a locksmith come on Wednesday and adjust one of my locks (my grandson is having trouble unlocking it) and to have a key made for the secondary lock on my back door.  I have never had a key for that lock, so haven't been able to use it (and I have felt quite safe with the primary lock), but it's silly not to use it, so I'm getting the key.

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  1. Petunia 100 Says:

    I'm glad you had those warning bells, and listened to them. Smile

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