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Crown on Pause; Busy Day

November 12th, 2021 at 03:34 pm

My dentist is out of town until Tuesday, so I have an appointment then to have my crownless tooth examined.  I continue to have no pain, so this really isn't an issue, as long as I chew only on the left side!

I had a busy morning yesterday.  I  started the day with a stop at Walgreens, which is where I have bought Christmas lights in the past, but they had none at all.  From there I went on to a drive-through breakfast at McDonalds ($3).  I did not have breakfast at home because I had to move the car for street sweeping at 9 am, and pretty much had to rush out of the house.  After breakfast, I went to Goodwill to drop off an old headboard and footboard that I finally decided to let go of.  They wouldn't take them!  They have decided not to accept furniture anymore.  I don't know it that applies to all Goodwills, but it does to those in my area.  I was going to take them to the Chicago Furniture Bank, but I texted BFF to see if her son might want them.  Lo and behold, BFF wants them herself!  So I will pass them on to her when we meet again.  From there, I went to the gym and did my workout.  Then I went to Sam's, mostly to check for Christmas lights.  They had lights, but only the big-bulb kind; I want the little fairy lights.  While I was there, though, I bought some raspberries and blueberries ($8).  On to Home Depot, where I finally found the lights, and I also bought a box of nails ($13).  Then I went to Aldi and bought 7 items for $20.  Since I was out, I stopped at Best Buy to have them examine my phone to see if they thought it would weather the 5G upgrade.  (Consumer Cellular continues to push me to buy a new phone).  The technician looked it over carefully and said he could see no reason why it would not be fine after the upgrade.  It is, after all, a 5G phone.  He said, if it was up to him, he would just hang onto this phone and IF I started having trouble with dropped calls, etc., then it would be an easy matter to buy a new phone then.  I thought that was good advice. 

I came home and put my feet up and enjoyed the rest of the day.  Today I'm going to tackle getting the new Christmas lights on the tree!  (Yes, it's early, but I'm going to take the tree down early this year, because I'll be cat-sitting my grandcat, who is a known Christmas tree climber!)

3 Responses to “Crown on Pause; Busy Day”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Sorry about waiting for the dentist. DH lost a crown last night and he has to wait until Monday to see the dentist.

    That worked out about the bed!

  2. LifeBalance Says:

    I'm glad that tooth isn't hurting you. I couldn't do the tree early! One of our radio stations is already playing Christmas music so I'm not tuning in anymore until December.

  3. Dido Says:

    I'm glad the tooth isn't hurting.

    Oh wow, a Christmas tree already! Actually, I live in the "Christmas City" (Bethlehem PA) so we've had Christmas trees up on our lampposts since the first weekend in October, but the big city tree at city hall won't get lit until next Friday (a week earlier than usual; it's usually the day after Thanksgiving, but they're trying to bring back holiday business to the city in wake of the pandemic).

    I'm glad you will have a kitty to pet-sit for.

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