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December 15th, 2021 at 01:22 am

Made a trip to Goodwill and spent $15.  Most of it was for baking pans to fill with water and set underneath my radiators.  I'm done messing with humidifiers; hoping a little old school humidifying will work.  I also bought a new-to-me purse -- needed something that would do a better job of holding my phone in a convenient, but safe spot.

I was done with Christmas shopping, but I got a gift from a friend who likes to keep up the exchange (I'd rather not).  I had enough credits on Amazon to get something free, so it didn't really hurt too much to send her a little something.

Once again I'm wrestling with my mortgage lender, who demands proof that my building is insured every year, and every year my property management company screws it up and sends me an outdated certificate.  Then the mortgage lender charges ME for the building insurance -- or tries to.  I could scream!  After talking to a few neighbors, I learned that they have never had to provide such proof to their lenders!  I'm ready to refinance and get rid of my lender on that basis alone.  But I'd probably have to have said certificate to get the ball rollling, so I'm still stuck.

Edit: Another expenditure -- $30 for copay on one of my September visits to Immediate Care.  Finally billed for it.

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