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Crazy lady picking up rocks

May 20th, 2006 at 12:26 pm

I have an area of rocks in my back yard. It's where my dog goes potty, and I have been buying the smooth river rocks from various nurseries over the years. The area needs replenishing because the rocks gradually sink, I guess. The darn rocks are not that expensive but they come in 50-lb. bags that I have a lot of trouble picking up.

IDEA!! Rocks are free. I need exercise. I decided to pick up rocks while I'm out walking. Yesterday, during my noon break at work, I picked up a large plastic cup full. If I do this the whole summer, I will surely pick up fifty-pounds worth, a little at a time.

I wouldn't say I got funny looks, because people that passed me were pointedly not looking. I guess that means you look dangerously crazy!

2 Responses to “Crazy lady picking up rocks”

  1. ~Dawn Says:

    HAHA! I think I agree with you. Definately "over the edge" crazy

  2. contrary1 Says:

    Exercise and landscaping........they usually do go together. And, there is nothing wrong with crazy.... Smile
    I've got garden beds that the previous owner has all covered with rocks...and I don't want them there, so we've made week end jobs of moving said rocks. (also have a huge hole in the back 40, we're filling with same) The developmentally delayed kids I have on the week ends help with this chore.........not really getting it. It is fun to see them try to process what it is exactly that I'm up to. Moving rocks. And, trying to explain it to them each week end........ I have to convince myself sometimes!! Smile

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