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Weekend wrap-up

May 31st, 2006 at 01:12 am

Well, I went to my niece's shower on Sunday and had a good time, though I cringe to say that it cost $50 in gas (more than I spent on the gift!)

I enjoyed it, though, and everyone seemed very pleased I had made the effort. When I left (first one to leave, since I had to drive three hours), I saw the whole group standing on the porch waving good-bye. What a nice feeling! (I hope it wasn't because they were that happy to see me go):-)

On Memorial Day I mostly rested, but did go out to dinner with a friend and her mom. $8.70 for a chicken dinner, with leftovers to bring home.

Today I went on a retreat with my co-workers. Breakfast and lunch were provided, so it was a no spend day.

Tomorrow is payday! I'm looking forward to a fresh start -- even though I already know it will be tight. It will be good to have something in my savings accounts again!

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