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Barricaded from the kitchen

June 7th, 2006 at 10:36 pm

So the carpet cleaner was coming at 8 AM this morning, so I moved all my living room furniture last night. A lot of it went into the kitchen. This morning I realize I cannot get to any of my food.

So on my way to work I stopped at Subway and bought a breakfast sandwich for $2.43.

Lunchtime rolled around and of course I had nothing. I bumped into a co-worker who has done me lots of favors (including loaning me many Netflix movies). On the spur of the moment I invite her out to lunch, my treat. I take her to a nice little place that serves tasty, healthy food. We both order modest lunches, but the bill exceeds $20. When when tipping time comes I tip 20%. (My son is a waiter and I know how much he depends on tips.)

After work, I head home thinking -- I should stop somewhere and get some takeout. And then I gave myself a shake. What am I doing? I went home. The carpet was pretty dry, but I didn't want to move the furniture yet. I moved a few things and squeezed my way into the kitchen and managed to make myself a sandwich. Whew! Averted a third meal out! I'm still a little annoyed with myself for not planning ahead. But I did owe my co-worker a favor and I'm glad I paid up.

I got a letter today from American Express telling me that $3,000 was my balance transfer limit. So that's that. Now I have four credit cards to pay off!

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