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No-spend day, by default

June 9th, 2006 at 01:09 am

Well, it was another no-spend day, which is easy to do when you accidently leave your purse at home!

Of course, I was risking getting a ticket for driving without a license -- which wouldn't have been cheap.

Other than that, it was a typical day, except that I had cookie dough for breakfast. Well it was OATMEAL cookie dough with raisins, so somewhat nutritious!

Got back on track at lunch with a turkey sandwich and baby carrots; then a grilled cheese sandwich and peas for dinner.

I find I have completely given up soft drinks. When you're really strapped for cash, they're a ridiculous thing to spend money on. I also haven't bought bottled water in quite a while. I'm drinking water from the tap, with ice. It's not bad. It's what I grew up drinking!

My lawn mower (a person, not a machine) has mowed my lawn three times since I paid him last. We keep missing each other. He left a note this time, just to touch base, I think, because he knows I will pay him. It's going to be $90. Sometimes I think I can hardly wait till it snows again!

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