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Waiting for the lawn mower guy

June 12th, 2006 at 11:17 pm

My lawn mowing guy said he would pick up his money tonight, and I'm waiting for him to come. Otherwise, I would be in bed, because I slept poorly last night and I think a cold is coming on. I feel awful. I have to train tomorrow, too, a three-hour drive away. At least I don't have to drive, but I would be planning on staying home if I didn't have this to do.

Didn't spend any money today. Wasn't even tempted by the vending machines. I MUST be sick!

1 Responses to “Waiting for the lawn mower guy”

  1. Ames Tiedeman Says:

    Hell to you..

    Get rid of the lawn mowing guy. Buy a Robomower! It is a Robotic lawn mower!

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