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Good news and day of shopping

June 17th, 2006 at 10:21 pm

Yesterday was a no-spend day. Also, exciting! I learned that my grandchild, who is due to enter the world in November, is a boy! (I already knew he was on the way, but didn't know his gender yet). This is my first grandchild, and I can hardly wait. Unfortunately, my son and his wife live ten hours away by car, so I will have to make do as a long-distance grandma.

Today I spent quite a bit (for me). I stocked up on staples at Aldi's -- $37.00. Then I stocked up on pet supplies at PetSmart -- $51+. On to Target, where I bought a $50 gift card. Goodwill was having a 1/2 price day so I stopped in and found -- ta da -- a "new" pair of black pants for $3. I also bought some baby clothes, a pair of pants for my son, two bras and a T-shirt for me. $19 all together. Before all this happened I went out to breakfast because I was intensely craving biscuits & gravy. That was $6, with orange juice and tip included. After my shopping was done, the lawn mowing guy came by for his $30.

I have also promised a friend that I will go see the Prairie Home Companion movie with her tomorrow. That will be a matinee, about $7.

I am already feeling uneasy about some of my Goodwill purchases. Will my daughter-in-law dislike the idea of used clothes for her baby, even though they're near perfect? And the pair of pants for my son are probably cut too slim for his taste. Oh, what the heck, they were $1.75!!!! I can donate them back, for Pete's sake!

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