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Today's progress

July 6th, 2006 at 02:52 pm

Finally, I got the medical reimbursement I was expecting a month ago! It will go toward this month's grocery expenses.

Things I've done today to save $$:

Packed my lunch -- hot dog, peas & brownie.

My generous co-worker brought in boxes of books to give away. I took home an armload after encouraging her to sell them. (Too much trouble, she said). I will read them and pass them on to my sister and cousin when I visit them. Don't feel that selling them would be the right thing to do; clearly, she wants them to be passed around.

No spending today.

I've stuck to my new no-snack one-dessert policy.

I've also been mindful not to waste gas. I want to try to make a tank last a month.

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